ProtectAir is simple and easy to use. Open the silver outer sachet. Remove the inner sachet with the active ingredients – do not open the inner sachet! Insert into the plastic encasing. Close the plastic encasing. Place high in the room, out of reach of children. The active ingredient will start working immediately and will be active for around one month.

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has many antimicrobial applications in a variety of fields, including mouthwash and other dental hygiene products; disinfecting baby bottles; drinking water systems and medical equipment. Chlorine dioxide is a very different substance from any (Cl) which is used in shelf products for disinfection, bleaching and cleaning. Chlorine’s antiseptic function produces environmentally harmful byproducts.

Chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, is known to be an environmentally-friendly disinfectant.

ProtectAir and its active ingredients are intended for air disinfection in enclosed spaces only. Do not use it otherwise.

ProtectAir is designed as a hermetic-room air disinfectant only.

Protectair and its active ingredient are intended for air disinfection in enclosed spaces only. The substance evaporates into the air and disinfects the room. Do not use it otherwise.

Chlorine dioxide is a synthetic material that has been in industrial use for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization purposes for decades. ProtectAir’s novel formula involves capturing the gas in a solid form in granules or gel that has a slow-release mechanism allowing for controlled and uniform evaporation over time.

There is no need for an electricity, the substance slowly evaporates into the space of the room and rids it of microorganisms.

The substance has no odor. Moreover, it is effective against eliminating bad odors — most of which are caused due to organisms and their secretions into the air.

ProtectAir has received approval from the Israel Standards Institute. It has undergone efficacy testing by leading Israeli laboratory Aminolabs, and safety testing at Galit Laboratories. The active substance CLO2 is recognized by the FDA, EPA, USDA, and CE.

ProtectAir Granules will remain active for about a month after opening in spaces up to 18 square meters. ProtectAir Gel will disinfect spaces up to 30 square meters. For larger spaces, two or more devices must be used.

Yes, plenty. You can see the results of our studies here and external studies, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals: here, here  and here.

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