How does it work?

Constantly wiping down and spraying surfaces is far from effective and does not answer our daily needs in preventing infection.

We need a comprehensive mechanism that will prevent the epidemic spread in its tracks – i.e. by killing the airborne particles.

ProtectAir, developed by disinfection specialists at Hila Pharma LTD, maintains a clean atmosphere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Chlorine dioxide: ProtectAir’s active ingredient CLO2 works by breaking down amino acids in the microorganism which kills the bacteria and viruses. Its powerful oxidizing properties allow the substance to quickly destroy the protein parts on the pathogen, inhibiting the adsorption of the virus and preventing viral multiplication and cell infection.

Comprehensive and solid protection: The diffusion and expansion of the gas molecules in the air can achieve effective and comprehensive protection without dead corners in enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces.

Continuous operation: Sustained-release technology makes it possible to distribute ProtectAir’s active substance uniformly and continuously, surpassing traditional, high-frequency disinfection methods.

Odor neutralization: ProtectAir suppresses odors created by microorganisms that decompose organic matter.

Long-term use: The chlorine dioxide molecule oxidizes with high efficiency, significantly impacting viruses even in very low concentrations.


Harmless to humans and animals: Animals and humans are eukaryotic cells. Therefore, the enzyme system is buried deep inside the cell layer and protected by a membrane that is safe from the thread of oxidation.

Safe active substance: CLO2 does not belong to the chlorine series of disinfectants and does not contain hypochlorous acid which harms human cells. Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide does not produce carcinogenic THM trihalomethanes.

Uses with portable PROTECTAIR


Guest rooms

Hospital rooms

Walk-in closets

In the kitchen

In a car




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