Can I please get some virus-free air?

How to disinfect indoor air Is Covid-19 really all bad? Are there any benefits to the Corona pandemic? At least one side effect of the Corona virus might actually increase our well-being. Covid-19 reminded us all that the air we breathe is full of pathogens and viruses and that we can take steps to disinfect […]

Every breath you take – but is it clean?

It may come as a surprise but the true fact is that air pollution starts indoors. Yes, most of the contaminants in the air you breathe are generated, rather naturally, inside your cozy workspace, living room, gym or any other indoor space. There’s something in the air Nearly everything around us is constantly breaking up […]

3 simple tips to reduce workplace illness

  The office space and your health The reality is that most offices are closed spaces with recycled air in which multiple people constantly unwittingly exchange pathogens and viruses with each other. We breathe the air coming out of colleagues lungs and we touch common surfaces covered with our coworkers sweat and other secretions. It […]